The Health Care You Need

We are committed to promoting health, healing, and wellness at every level for our residents. From long and short term care services, orthopedic rehab and to wound healing and skilled nursing, it is our goal to help each individual attain his or her highest potential for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We pledge to provide you personal attention, warmth and encouragement – all vital parts of your return to health.

In-Patient Subacute Rehab

Sometimes a hospital stay is not long enough to provide optimal recovery for you to return home immediately. Because we share your goal of returning home as soon as possible, our team of highly skilled and dedicated rehabilitation therapists works diligently with you to restore mobility and independence after an illness or accident. Our therapists offer specialized treatments based on an individualized care plan to those recovering from:

Short Term and Long Term Care

The loss of independence at home is a life-changing event; we are here to make the transition to longterm care as easy and effortless as possible. As experienced professionals in the healthcare industry, we recognize that every resident has a unique personal history that has lead them to Grand Island Lakeview. We are committed to extending compassion and sensitivity to those who no longer are able to lead independent lives. All patients receive 24-hour routine and emergency medical care and are in constant interaction with our caring, skilled nursing department, which provides continuous physical and emotional support while promoting mobility and flexibility. Our skilled medical experts provide long-term and short-term care patients with an array of services including:

Social Services & Family Counseling

Transitioning out of your home into a new environment can be a very daunting process, physically and emotionally. As a resident of Grand Island Lakeview, you will gain renewed peace of mind and psychological strength through the services offered by our Social Workers. These include individualized care plans, educational programs, family counseling, referral services and liaison with care managers.

Orthopedic Rehab

Losing mobility in any part of your body is a disheartening experience. Our primary goal with Orthopedic Rehab is to provide you with comprehensive exercise planning and physical and occupational therapies, so you regain strength and endurance and can resume normal activities. Intense daily therapy sessions take place in our expansive, well-stocked rehab gym.

Our team of rehabilitation specialists is well versed in:

Stroke Therapy

Recovering from a stroke is a very delicate process. Our stroke recovery care provides treatment to help you return to meaningful roles in life by relearning skills for everyday living. We help you achieve the maximum amount of mobility possible.

The rehab experts treat such issues as:

Cardiac Health

We help you learn how to manage cardiac risk factors, which includes specialized cardiac exercises provided by our in-house trained therapy team. You’ll also learn about:

Skilled Nursing

Providing the best care starts with having the best people. We recognize the importance of maintaining a staff of well-trained, experienced and caring nursing professionals to ensure the daily well-being of each resident. Taking into account the various needs of our residents, our nursing staff – which includes RN Supervisors –RNs and CNAs provide:

Wound Healing

Our rehab therapists deeply empathize with the pain and suffering felt by patients who are recovering from serious wounds. Our staff are dedicated to an ongoing process of Wound Care Education to provide you effective techniques to expedite cures for a wide range of wounds. Our staff includes certified Wound Care Nurses and Lymphedema Therapists to assist with all lower and upper extremity wound care.

Our treatments include:
We provide treatment for:

Vital Healthcare Services

In order to ensure that our residents are receiving the best possible care, we have carefully integrated a suite of services that meet a combination of needs.

Residents benefit from access to the following staff members and services:
When you are ready to leave, we provide you comprehensive discharge instructions that include follow-up exercises and care.